With the boat out of the water, late fall fishing trips were by Hyperfishing car: the 162 MPH capable Formula WS6. Was not able to combine autocrossing or road rallies with fishing trips, so all driving was done at legal speeds.

Drove the Formula to Piermont NY, several times in an effort to catch striped bass off the spit. But, either wind or rain cut the trips short.

One time a wild wind sprung out of a flat calm, and it was difficult walking back to the car along the Piermont spit. While our fears of being blown off the roadway into the Hudson were not realized, a passing sloop had its jib torn off and was dragging it.

The hapless sailor was by himself, unable to do anything other than steer. He could not take his hands off the wheel for a second due to the nasty sea conditions. The dragging sail made it impossible to start the motor, so I hope he made safe landing somewhere.

When swapping boating tales with folks who boat on the Hudson, I'll confess to thinking storms and bad water conditions on the Hudson are a joke compared to my ocean experiences, but not anymore!

Drove the Formula to the Ramapo river to fly fish for trout, but they started jumping and feeding AFTER dark. Since it was impossible to tie flies in the blackness, in the future I shall bring my head mounted diving light.

Much progress is being made on exciting new Hyperfishing products, so I look forward to revealing them this summer.

Unless I get some ice fishing trips in, there will not likely be any more fishing trips or updates until spring. So, for those folks living in warmer climates, tight lines!

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