Attended the Miami Boat show in February and caught a seven foot sailfish off the 50 foot Hatteras Striker-1.

Captained by Mark of, it was a true to life Moby Dick tale. See the photo and read about it by going to the Photo Gallery on and scrolling down to Trophy Sailfish.

The Sonic is still being rerigged by a professional shop. They are replacing the motors with hand built, Mercury Racing Scorpion motors, and yanking the Alpha outdrives in favor of Bravo Ones. In addition, the drives are being mounted one inch higher in the hull for less drag and Lab finished Bravo One props will provide the motive power. I am hoping to see the other side of 75 MPH, but we shall have to wait and see.

Hyperfishing will be out to the fishing grounds much faster this year. Watch for it in Northeast Poker Runs AND fishing tournaments this summer!

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