After a winter inside the shop getting all prettied up for the season and sporting the new Hyperfishing products, the Hyperfishing boat managed to get fishing on June 1st.

I was privileged to catch two shad that day. We were moored at the Robert Moses anchorage having lunch, when I spotted terns and gulls dive bombing into the water on the other side of the breakwater. Grabbing a couple of rods and lures from the boat, I ran over to witness what looked like feeding time at a fish hatchery. Two foot long fish were leaping everywhere, the water was swirling with inch long bait fish, and the birds were plunging into the middle of the foaming water.

Swiftly attaching a silver surface plug slightly larger than the bait fish, I made about three casts and hauled in the first of two lovely shad. They put up a terrific fight and it was a very unusual treat to catch them in the ocean on a surface plug. They are usually caught in the rivers when on the way to spawn. They tasted great of course, and I am used to picking out their bones at spring Shad festivals.

The next week we caught a nice bluefish off the boat at the Fire Island wreck near the lighthouse. It was much easier to fish the boat with the new custom folding arms and rear box attached. In July we overnighted at Watch Hill, catching two stripers off the beach on clam bellies at around 8PM on a high tide. The first striper put up a tremendous fight but was only about 2.5 feet long. The second striper meekly came to the beach with hardly a struggle, but was an impressive 35 or 36 inches long. Both were released to excite a different fisherman in the future. Caught another striper off the Watch Hill beach the following trip over there.

The Watch Hill beaches are not as productive at low tide. My wife did manage to catch a small shark in about two feet of water, so now you know what your feet are banging into when wading.

Entered the boat into the NYC and Manhasset Poker Runs in an effort to get it photographed and videoed by the helicopters. I missed being in the middle of the Poker Run fleets both times due to a variety of last minute events, and did not get videoed. So, we will have to try again.

Thanks to all those who have hollered across the waves "I have seen your website and like it" or "I love your boat". We appreciate these on the spot comments of the Hyperfishing concepts!

Hoping to display photos of the tuna we plan to catch this fall. Keep checking this site for updates!

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