November 2006 - May 2007

Hyperfishing is back in the water after a long winter sleep, and based near Fire Island for your convenience!

The 2007 season is off to a good start. We have crossed the Great South Bay to Fire Island to visit Flynn's at Ocean Bay Park, and the towns of Ocean Beach and Kismet.

After enjoying the Kentucky Derby at Race Palace ( helps sponsor some special events there, and runs ads on the news ticker), we hopped into the boat and blasted over to Kismet on Fire Island as dusk fell. One can only get to the 17 different communitees on Fire Island by boat, or driving your car up the beach out of season.

Crossing Great South Bay, a large fluke fish jumped clear out of the water to look at the Hyperfishing logos, perhaps to say hello. I have never seen a fluke fish do that before, and it was a fitting way to start the summer!

We visited with friends at their enormous Kismet beach home, ate a delicious dinner and partied at the funky Kismet Inn. It was a great way to celebrate the Kentucky Derby victory by Street Sense, and the arrival of Cinco de Mayo!

There was an ample supply of Coronas and limes at the Inn, as well as space at the pool tables. Great music as usual, people dancing everywhere, then we retired to sleep on the boat at about 2 AM.

A storm rolled in, creating three foot whitecaps in the marina. The boat violently pitched up and down at the berth, plus rolled back and forth about 45 degrees. The wind blew directly into the harbor entrance, smacking Hyperfishing tied broadside between the poles, as the first boat to take the brunt of the storm.

At about 3AM, the storm blew even harder, pitching and rolling the boat more violently. I was thinking of motoring it to the other side of the marina, where it was a bit calmer. I popped out of the cabin for another mooring line examination, to find a powerboat racing legend kindly checking to see if my boat was okay, not realizing I was aboard.

It was great to see him again, at such an unexpected time! He convinced me it was too dangerous to move the boat while the storm was blowing at its worst. I also did not want to wake up the town by firing up the racing engines at that hour.

The Coronas consumed at Kismet Inn helped wifey win at the pool tables, and her victories must have helped her sleep soundly, as the washing machine motion of the boat in the storm did not bother her one bit!

We had planned to leave first thing in the morning. But, rain, wind, and significant seas in Great South Bay convinced us to sleep a few extra hours, then enjoy a leisurely brunch at the Kismet Inn. In the afternoon the sky cleared, the wind and waves dropped, and it was time to fire up engines and blast back across the bay to the South Shore of Long Island.

SEA you all soon!

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