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Hyperfishing uses high performance cars and boats to do more than sit in front of restaurants.....we fish 'em!

There are lots of articles and photos on this site describing the adventures we have experienced doing just that, and cruising long distances in the process.

Of new and revolutionary significance though, Hyperfishing has developed precedent shattering products which greatly facilitate fishing from high performance stern drive boats. The Hyperfishing Conversion System transforms the cushioned engine hatch into a useful platform suitable for catching large fish, or having a party on with plenty of safe seating!

Have a change of heart? It takes fifteen minutes to revert back to gofast by removing the fighting chair, taking off the box, folding the arms and reinstalling the engine hatch cushion. Fifteen minutes later, reverse the process and you have a fishboat/cruiser again.

The products are made of top quality aluminum that is powder coated to match your boat. Best of all, the products are designed to be quickly removed or folded to preserve the sleek styling of your boat, the main reason you likely bought it in the first place. The new products are the Hyperfishing Removable Box, the Hyperfishing Folding Arms, the Hyperfishing Fighting Chair Brace, and the Hyperfishing Rod Holder Support Brace.

We have developed the funky logo above to celebrate all the Hyperfishing Conversion System, and you can buy hats and shirts displaying it if you desire.

We thought you would like it. Get a grip on your wrap around sunglasses, as this site gets even more intense!

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