Exhibited the boat and the Hyperfishing products at the NYC/NJ floating boat show Oct. 3 through 6th. We cruised the boat from Ocean Beach on Fire Island to Liberty Landing marina, via the State Boat Channel along the south shore of Long Island.

It was very beautiful weather and we saw lots of herons, white ibis and cormorants. Exiting the channel at Jones Beach, the sight of breakers dead ahead was most unnerving. Large, breaking waves surfed past the entrance, foam trailing behind them. Scary looking indeed.

Watching the timing and spotting a lull in the surfing waves, I jammed the throttles forward and shot through the breaker zone before one could nail us broadside. It is really nice to have massive horsepower to shoot you through dicey situations.

Once through the surf zone, the ocean was not bad at all, 2 to 3 footers that the boat likes to jump on top of. We bulleted past Coney Island, into New York Harbor and past the Statue of Liberty into the marina. The trip took us about three hours, one hour from exiting Jones Inlet. We took some brief time outs out to photograph Coney Island and the Statue of Liberty. The view of Manhattan island as we approached it was spectacular, it looked as if skyscrapers were leaping out of the cean.

We received lots of positive comments about the Hyperfishing products on the boat, and several attendees said it was the "coolest looking boat in the whole marina." Hey, I like comments like that!

We hoped to leave Liberty Landing and head back to Oakdale the following Monday, but the weather forecast of rain turned us away from doing that. Rain in the morning nixed the trip, then it turned out to be a fine afternoon. But, as we had made the "No Go" decision in the morning, it was too late for us. Wanted to head back the next weekend, but it was raining again so that was out. The second weekend had fine weather, so we decided to go, even though the tail end of hurricane Kyle was lashing the coast.

We experienced ten foot breaking seas heading out of New York harbor, and used all of our seven hundred horsepower to get up over the waves before they broke, then chopped the throttles for the sleigh ride down the backside. Over and over again. It was hard to see the coast or the inlet entrances because of all the blowing sea foam. We made good use of our backup GPS unit when the chart plotter got encrusted with salt crystals and started to malfunction in the moisture. We took the first route into the State Boat Channel that we could, East Rockway inlet by Silver Point, and my knees stopped knocking.

That same weekend, a twenty one foot boat was flipped over in the nasty breakers outside Jones Inlet. One of three persons aboard was lost, and after several attempts to find the third person, Coast Guard zodics had to turn back with several injured coasties. I hope never to see seas like that again.

It was a pleasant and uneventful trip up the Sate Boat Channel, a dramatic contrast from the open sea. The boat was hauled and winterized shortly afterwards, and will not be back into the water until May. See you at the Atlantic City and Miami boat shows, but as an attendee, not as an exhibitor. Here is hoping the Atlantic Ocean will be less storm tossed in 2003!

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