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Fluke caught in Fire Island Inlet, NY

Sunset at anchor, Sailor's Haven, NY

Fireworks at anchor off Davis Park, NY

Chain Pickerel caught at Lake Wawayanda, NJ

Sonic shade at Sailor's Haven, NY

Ocean beach at Sunken Forest, NY

Fire Island Bluefish, NY

Finning (sunbathing) Bunker fish, Fire Island, NY

Spearing Minnows under attack along Fire Island beach, NY

Tough Dunlop performance tire

Wilderness beach, Fire Island, NY

Fly fishing at sunrise, Fire Island, NY

Targeting Fire Island Lighthouse, NY

Snagged this Bunker from finning bunker school visible in background

What happened when we trolled the snagged Bunker

2002 Shad caught casting into Fire Island Inlet feeding frenzy

Fire Island killer deer spotted, 1st photo

Fire Island killer deer attack, 2nd photo

Casting into spearing and bluefish feeding frenzy, Fire Island

Skate caught off the beach on clam bellies, Fire Island

Fishward Bound!

Monster Striper

2002 Hyperfishing Team, now where is that Cessna 182 on floats?

2002 Mercury Racing Scorpions: 377 C.I., 350 HP each

2002 Counter rotating Bravo Drives, lab finished props

Trophy Sailfish

2002 Mounted Sailfish

2002 30 foot American Offshore, drove this at 80 MPH+ through Miami

2002 Beach Bluefish

2002 Beach Fisherman

2002 Nantucket flower boxes on the dock

2002 Newport Jazz

2002 Nantucket Mooring

2002 Nantucket Golf

One of many classic wooden sailboats in the 2002 Nantucket Opera Cup Race

2002 Cruising up Vineyard Sound near Naushon Island

2002 stylish headgear, the only thing that stays on my head at 40 MPH++!!

2002 Nice view of boat at Derring Harbor on Shelter Island

2002 Swans & Jane ordering a Pizza for dinner, Remsenburg Marina

2002 view of hyperfishing box on the boat

2002 view of engine hatch with hyperfishing products mounted on it

2002 NYC State Boat channel, heading towards NY/NJ boatshow in Jersey City

2002 Approaching Manhattan Island, headed to NY/NJ boatshow

2002 Passing Statue of Liberty enroute to NY/NJ boatshow

2002 Exhibiting at NY/NJ Boat Show

2003 Bluefish on the Engine Hatch

2003-Firebird, new PIAA driving lights

2003- Block Island stone fence & pasture

2003-Mashomack Nature Preserve, Shelter Island

2003-Edgartown, Martha's VIneyard

2003-Lighthouse at Gay Head, Martha's Vineyard

2003-Gay Head cliffs at Martha's Vineyard

2003-Maidstone Marina, Three Mile Harbor

2003-Sag Harbor

2003 Glassing for Monarch butterfly migration, Sunken Forest, Fire Island

2003 Some of the thousands of Monarch butterflies flying south, Sunken Forest

2003 Cherry Grove deer family

2003-Cherry Grove fawn

2003 Anchorage Resort

2003 Bahia Mar beach

2003-Monster yacht chasing us down the Jupiter Island ICW

2003 Palm Harbor Marina

2003 Palm Harbor Marina 2

2003 Palm Harbor Marina 3

2003 Spinnaker's Marina in Miami

2003 - Enroute to Key West, lunch stop at Gilbert's in Cross Key

2003 - Another view of the Poker Run Fleet at Gilbert's

2003 - Gassing up in KW enroute back to Miami

2003 - Goodbye Key West

2003- This fellow was faster back to Miami

2003 - Gas stop at Ohio Key halfway back to Miami

2003 - Getting in line to leave Ohio Key

2003 - Weaving through the mangrove channels back to Miami

2004 - Airborne off Miami

2004 - New Year's in West Palm Beach

2005 - Brown Trout, Ramapo River, NJ

2005 - Zach's Bay, Long Island, NY

2005 - 30 boat raftup in Croton, NY

2005 - Sunset on the Hudson at Croton, NY

2005 - New Jersey Palisades cliffs on the Hudson

2006 - Favorite picture of Hyperfishing at Boca Chita

2006 - Honeywell's lighthouse lawn ornament at Boca Chita

2006 - Looking north of Boca Chita to the Ragged Keys

2006 Comorant and Pelican dispute at Boca Chita

2006 Ragged Keys II

2006 Firing position at Boca Chita

2006 Boca Chita lighthouse harbour view

2006 On the wall at Boca Chita

2006 Wilma wrecked sailboat at Dinner Key

2006 More Wilma wrecked sailboats at Dinner Key

2006 Dinner Key marina

2006 Gecko at Boca Chita

2006 Short Beach NY

2008 Rock Hall Morning

2009 Safe harbor

2009 Safe Harbor 2

2009 Safe Harbor 3

2009 Blue Angels Raft-up

2009 Bay Swim Swimmers

2009 Wye Island, Granary Creek

2009 Wye Island, Dividing Creek

2009 St. Michaels Workboat

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